Norma Cayo

Information Submitted by Audree Ayres, Eau Claire
WAVES Leave Here for Permanent Stations
Four WAVEs, members of the Women's Reserve of the United States Navy, from Eau Claire and the vicinity are shown above, leaving Eau Claire for their permanent duty stations. With them are two WAVE recruiters, now in the city bidding them good-bye.

From left to right, they are Carol Jacobs, recruiter now in Eau Claire; Norma Cayo, Chippewa Falls, WI, a Yeoman bound for Washington, DC; Winifred Kildahl, 450 Putnam Street, Eau Claire, a Storekeeper who will be at Dearborn, MI; Alice Smith, also a Yeoman of New Auburn, WI, headed for Washington; Donna Vefald of 1503 Badger Avenue, Eau Claire, who will also be in Washington as a Yeoman; and Edith Rice, Yeoman Second Class, here on the recruiting drive.

Two other WAVEs, Maurita Schnoor, Storekeeper of New Auburn, and Dorothy Mae Fethke, both left Sunday for their permanent stations at Norfolk, VA.

The WAVE recruiting drive in the city will last through February 11 and will be climaxed by a banquet at which all the girls enlisted during the present campaign will be sworn in at a mass ceremony.

Those enlisted now will take their physical examinations together and leave as a unit for their basic training at Hunter College, New York City.