Jack Chartier

Old Friends Meet in Mediterranean Theater of War
Pictured here are Second Lieutenant Robert F. Kolstad, left, and Staff Sergeant John Egan of Eau Claire, WI, meeting for the first time since their high school days together. They attended St. Patrick's High School and were members of the band.

Lieutenant Kolstad is a United States Army Air Forces B-17 Flying Fortress pilot and has been awarded the Air Medal with three Bronze Oak Leaf Clusters.

Sergeant Egan is a radio operator-gunner.

Both are members of the "Red Devil" Flying Fortress Squadron in the Mediterranean Theater.

They recently had a surprise visit from First Lieutenant Jack Chartier, a pilot in the Troop Carrier Command and an old friend of high school and college days at Eau Claire State Teachers College. Lieutenant Chartier recently visited friends here.

Lieutenant Chartier and Lieutenant Kolstad left Eau Claire together in 1940 with the National Guard.