Ellen Cheaters

Local WAC Cited
Above is Private Ellen Cheaters, as she appeared in a recent issue of the WAC Bulletin, national service woman's magazine. She was described as one of the 150 WACs who had been acclaimed as the nation's best all-around women soldiers in the Woman's Army Corps. 

Private Ellen enlisted in the Corps last April and chose the Air WACs as the branch of service in which she could best serve. She is now attached to the Army Air Forces at Kelly Field, Texas, and striving for an assignment to fly her own ship. 

Private Ellen is pre-flight inspector, when on duty in the morning at Kelly Field, and goes to school in the afternoon for the Link Trainers Course. She has every prospect of making good in her determination to become an Air WAC, said a Chippewa Falls family, who have acted as sponsors for the girl. She is the daughter of Fred Cheaters, city, and was employed at the National Pressure Cooker Company of Eau Claire before enlistment. 

Ellen was to fly to old Mexico this week, while on a three-day furlough, she wrote to friends in the city last Thursday.  She did not intimate whether she would pilot the plane herself.

Private Ellen Cheaters of Chippewa Falls, who joined the flying WACs a year ago, received the Good Conduct Medal at a formal retreat formation at Olmstead Field, Middleton, PA this week.

She had been flying, but her heart could not stand the high altitude. She is now driving an ambulance at Olmstead Field. She has received three citations for good work done during crashes, two from the field and one from the hospital.