Roger Christopher

Eau Claire Pals Write of Meeting in North Africa
Two Eau Claire boys, pals in civilian life, met in Africa exactly one year from date of departure for Army Air Corps service. Happiness experienced at this reunion is expressed in the following letter, received from Jerry Weber and his pal Roger Christopher, by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Weber, 114 Locust Street. Jerry is now a Staff Sergeant; Roger a Corporal. The letter is a joint composition, headed: ďSomewhere in Africa,Ē dated February 28.

Dear Folks:
(Roger) He thinks he is going to tell you first, but Iíve got the pen, so itís just tough on him, isnít it!

(Jerry) Thatís what he thinks! Iíve got the pen now, so Iím going to tell you!

(Roger) This is the Army, and itís every man for himself. Seeing as heís my special buddy, Iíll let him shoot the works, and itís really something to write home about.

(Jerry) It goes like this. In my special travels of late, I arrived at a certain point. Around the noon hour, I was dashing around the place, doing nothing. Some of the boys and myself decided to take a bus ride. We were standing there, waiting, and who should walk by but Roger! Boy, if you wanted to see two surprised and happy boys, you should have seen us. I could hardly talk for fifteen minutes. Roger hasnít changed a darn bit since I last saw him and he says the same about me. So, I guess the Army hasnít changed either of us much.

Last night, I read a few of your letters to Rog and it seemed darned nice. I also ate some of that delicious candy that Bernice sent. Iíll quit for now and let Roger finish the letter. Wish you could imagine how swell it is for us to get together again.  Bye now. Love, Jerry.

(Roger) P.S. Itís me again! Jerry says it seemed nice for us to be together again. To me it was as good as a furlough or a trip back to the States. Sorry I canít stay with him permanently, but I have hopes of seeing him again in the not too distant future. Goodbye, from Roger, the happiest guy in Africa!  

Eau Claire Man on Record Flight Across Atlantic
An Eau Claire, WI Master Sergeant was a member of the Army Air Transport Command crew which flew a Douglas C-54 4,330 miles from Natal, Brazil to Casablanca on the African west coast to challenge records for the longest over-water flight.

The enterprise pioneered a program to speed up the transfer of American troops from the European Theater to the Pacific by way of the United States.

The Eau Claire man on the trip, which took 16 hours and 55 minutes, was Roger Christopher of  914 South Barstow.

The previous longest recorded over-water flight was 3,444 miles from Newfoundland to Oran.

Chief Engineer on Record Breaking Transport Plane
Master Sergeant Roger Christopher, son of Mrs. Melvin Christopher, 914 South Barstow Street, is chief engineer of the Skyrocket, a Douglas C-54 which recently made the record flight of crossing the 4,330 miles between Natal, Brazil and Casablanca in 16 hours and 55 minutes. This is the record over-water flight. 

Sergeant Christopher served on an airship in the group, which brought General Dwight Eisenhower to the United States in his recent return from the European Theater. He served in the plane which carried the general from Washington to Kansas. Sergeant Christopher works directly under General Stowell. 

He entered the service in March 1942 and, after receiving training at Newark, N H, was sent to Casablanca in November 1943, where he was an aeronautical engineer. There, Sergeant Christopher was chosen by generals for transport work and has since been in 60 countries. 

A brother, Boyd Christopher, is also in the Air Corps.