Robert M. Colby

Carrier Planes Strike Okinawa
Robert M. Colby, Seaman Second Class, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Colby, Mondovi, WI, was aboard this Essex class aircraft carrier when her planes battered Okinawa, prior to the Marine and Army landings.

With other units of the Pacific Fleet, this ship sent out her planes in a long series of sweeps and strikes that blasted enemy aircraft, shore installations, and shipping from the Ryukyu Islands to the Japanese homeland.

Veteran Pacific fighters aboard the ship consider the recent action among the severest of the war in the Pacific. Sometimes, day and night were broken by only short pauses for food and rest. Planes were fueled, armed, launched; then landed and, at once, prepared to fight again.

Besides doing her primary job of servicing its air group, the carrier put in a few licks with her own guns, destroying one enemy plane and helping down another.