Vincent B. Colby

Owen D. Mattison, 947 Summer Street; Shirley J. Nowak, 425 Third Street; and Vincent B. Colby, 720 Fountain Street, recently enlisted in the Navy at the Milwaukee Recruiting Station.

Vincent B. Colby, Seaman First Class, United States Navy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Colby, of 720 Fountain Street, is stationed somewhere in France, according to word received by his parents.

He enlisted on December 2, 1943 and received his boot training at Great Lakes, IL and at Fort Pierce, FL.

Eau Claire Sailor Serving on Rhine in Crossing Operations
WITH U. S. NAVAL FORCES, on the Rhine (Delayed)
It's another D-Day for our amphibious Navy--this time 200 miles from the nearest ocean. The "small boatman," the unsung heroes of every landing from North Africa to Normandy, are here again to help carry Allied Armies across the last great water barrier to the heart of Hitler's Germany.

Among them is Vincent B. Colby, 19, Seaman, First Class, United States Naval Reserve, of Eau Claire, WI.

Colby and his fellow amphibians are making naval history for, never before, has the Army called on the Navy to help it cross an inland river. Their mission is to supply a fast "build up" of men, weapons, and ammunition to support the first assault troops, and they are performing that mission--gloriously.

Now the Navy's boats are carrying the Army's vehicles. LCMs and LCVPs are racing back and forth through the swollen waters of the Rhine. Across their lowered bow-ramps on the far shore are lumbering the tanks, the mobile guns, the loaded weapons-carriers, all marked "Destination Berlin." These bluejackets and doughboys are enthusiastic partners in a new and unique combined operation.

A veteran of the D-Day Normandy landings, Colby enlisted in the Navy in December 1943. The son of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Colby, 720 Fountain Street, he attended Eau Claire Senior High School. His brother, Hilton, is serving with the Navy aboard a destroyer.