Lewis A. Coyer

Staff Sergeant Lewis A. Coyer, Army Air Forces, has arrived safely somewhere in England, according to a letter received by his brother, who lives at 1018 Grand Avenue East.

He entered the service on June 10, 1941 and received his training at Scott Field, IL. He was also stationed at Jefferson Barracks, MO.

Staff Sergeant Coyer was awarded two Good Conduct Ribbons, one for each full year of service.

Staff Sergeant Louis[?] A. Coyer, brother of Martin Coyer, 1018 Grand Avenue, is serving as a duty non-commissioned officer with a depot repair squadron of a Troop Carrier Service Wing in the European Theater of Operations.

Prior to his entry into the service, Sergeant Coyer was employed as a tire worker for the U.S. Rubber Company, Eau Claire. He is a graduate of Eau Claire High School, Class of 1930.