Claude P. Craemer

Infantry Officer Gets Bronze Star
First Lieutenant Claude P. Craemer of Eau Claire recently was awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service in support of combat operations in Italy.

Craemer, Motor Officer for a Field Artillery unit in Lieutenant General Mark W. Clark's Fifth Army, was cited for his untiring efforts and mechanical skill which enabled his battalion to make frequent forward moves with no instance of delay due to automotive failures.

Craemer attended Eau Claire State Teachers College and was commissioned in the Wisconsin National Guard in July 1937. His wife, Mrs. Margaret Craemer, lives at 1002 First Avenue, Eau Claire.

Eau Claire Man Has Audience with the Pope
CHIPPEWA FALLS, WI--Claude Craemer, of Eau Claire, was one of a group of American soldiers who were granted an audience with Pope Pius XII on June 7, shortly after the city of Rome was taken over by General Mark Clark and the American forces. The information was received here yesterday by the Lieutenant's wife, the former Margaret Nowak, now residing with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Nowak, 116 West Columbia Street.

The Pope spoke to Lieutenant Craemer in English, asked a few questions, and then handed him four rosaries —one for himself, one for his wife, Margaret, and one each for his two aunts, Sister M. Claudia of the Notre Dame Order and Sister M. Luke of Evanston, IL of the Dominican Order. Sister M. Claudia was a former instructor at St. Charles Parochial School of this city. 

The Pope had received General Clark in an interview, previous to granting audience to the American soldiers and American war correspondents, who had come to the Vatican shortly after the Germans had left Rome. 

Lieutenant Craemer has been overseas 10 months, being Motor Officer for the Field Artillery (Long Toms) and saw action in central Italy in the Cassino sector. He had taken part in the North African Campaign before going to Italy. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Craemer, Eau Claire.

Written by Harold (Diz) Kronenberg

Claude was an Industrial Arts teacher at Eau Claire Senior (Memorial) High School for many years.