John D. Craemer

Eau Claire's First Point System Discharged Veteran Home from Fort Sheridan
Eau Claire's first serviceman to be honorably discharged, under the Army merit system, arrived home today from Fort Sheridan, IL.

Technician Fourth Grade John D. Craemer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Craemer, 1002 First Avenue, has served in the Middle Eastern Theater of War for 32 months and had accumulated 86 points. 

He wears, on his uniform, the golden encircled eagle on a diamond-shaped olive drab patch, signifying the merit system discharge. He said he will wear his uniform for 48 hours, before putting on civilian clothes, according to Army regulations.

"It surely came as a surprise to me," he smiled. "I didn't think I would be discharged, being in the Air Corps."  He is with the Army Air Forces Ordnance Branch. 

Although he isn't sure as to future plans, the Sergeant agrees that he has plenty of time to think about that now.

Landing at Suez, Egypt on July 16, 1942, he served in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Italy. He was home on a 60-day rotation furlough when V-E day was declared and the the war was officially ended in Europe. 

Sergeant Craemer explained that he had a total of 86 points, with 85 necessary for the merit discharge. He received 39 for time in service, one for each month, 32 for time overseas, one per month, and 15 points for three major campaigns, with five points allowed for each. 

He wears three campaign stars on his European-African-Middle Eastern Service Ribbon, signifying that he fought in the Egypt-Libya battles, in the Naples-Foggia Campaign, and the Rome-Arno Campaign. The Sergeant also has the Good Conduct Ribbon. 

After entering the service on February 24, 1942, he received training at Barksdale Field, LA; Lakeland Army Air Base, FL; and Paige Field, Fort Meyers, FL.