Morris G. Cramer

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Three Cramer brothers, sons of Mr. and Mrs. George Cramer, 216 Ninth Avenue, are serving in the United States Navy.

Morris G. Cramer, Fire Controlman First Class, joined the Navy on November 27, 1939. He received his boot training at Great Lakes, IL and Norfolk, VA. He has served in three invasion forces, Casablanca, Sicily, and Salerno. He is a survivor of the USS Bristol, which he had served aboard since 1941. After it was torpedoed and sunk on October 13, 1943, he was home on a 30-day leave. He is now serving on a destroyer somewhere in the Pacific. His wife, formerly Miss Erma Thompkins, resides with her mother at 337 Tenth Avenue.

Lavern R. Cramer, Ship's Cook Third Class, joined the Navy on October 27, 1942 and received his training at Great Lakes, IL and Farragut, ID. He is now on an auxiliary vessel somewhere in the Pacific.

Wayne C. Cramer, Radio Man Third Class, joined the Navy the same day as his brother, Lavern, on October 27, 1942. He received his training at Great Lakes, IL and Noroton Heights, CT and is now serving somewhere in the Pacific aboard a destroyer.

Bristol Survivor to Speak Monday at Grace Lutheran
On Monday evening, December 6, Morris G. Cramer, First Class Petty Officer of the Fire Control Branch, United States Navy (Fire Controlman First Class), will speak at an open meeting of the Grace Lutheran Brotherhood in the church parlors at 8 o'clock. His subject will be A Summary of Mediterranean Action.

Cramer enlisted in 1939 and received his training at the Great Lakes Navy Training Station in Illinois. This was followed by service on a battleship, until 1941, at which time, he went aboard the USS Bristol, which was sunk in the Mediterranean off the coast of Italy on October 13, 1943.

Cramer has served in three invasions: Casablanca, November 8, 1942; Sicily, June 10; and Salerno, Italy, September 9, 1943. 

The Bristol was torpedoed at night and split in two parts. The part on which Cramer was stationed sank in 72 seconds. In that brief time, Cramer got to the deck, assisted in launching several life rafts, and then jumped clear of the ship.

"The rafts were loaded so heavily," said Cramer, "that they were three or four feet under water, so I began to swim. It was the longest swim I've ever made—two and a half hours—and the water was very cold. The other ships could not pick us up because of enemy fire, but they kept shouting to us by loud speakers. The sea was rather rough but that was an incidental matter, after all. Anyway, it all seems like a bad dream now. The main thing is I'm home for Christmas!"

Morris has two brothers in the Navy, Lavern, who is on an auxiliary vessel in the Pacific, and Wayne, who is on a destroyer, also in the Pacific area.

Cramer is spending a "30-day survivor leave" with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Cramer at 216 Ninth Avenue.

"Men and women are welcome to come to the Monday evening meeting," said the Reverend C. E. Nestande, pastor of Grace Lutheran. "The men of the Brotherhood anticipate a large attendance at this meeting and will make provisions for all who might like to come."

Written by Harold (Diz) Kronenberg

Morris is the father of Eau Claire County Sheriff Ron Cramer and Eau Claire Patrolman David Cramer.