John Crank

Corporal Kenneth F. Crank, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Crank, Route 4, has arrived safely overseas, according to word received by his parents.

He received his training at Camp Campbell, KY and Fort Knox, KY. 

He has a brother, Corporal John Crank, Jr., who is with the Air Force in Australia.

Information Submitted by Audree Ayres, Eau Claire
According to a radiogram received by Mr. and Mrs. John Crank, Route 4, Eau Claire, their son, Corporal John Crank, Jr., is safe somewhere in the Pacific Theater.

Corporal Crank completed a course in electricity at Chanute Field, IL after graduating from the Air Corps Mechanic School, Camp Amarillo, TX.

His brother, Kenneth Crank, is at Camp Campbell, KY. Previously, he studied gunnery at Fort Knox.