Dennis Bergwin Danielson

Contributed by Barbara Danielson Bieber

Dennis Bergwin Danielson, son of Leroy and Gudrun Danielson, brother of Reuben G. Danielson, served in WWII as a Navy pilot. He received two Distinguished Flying Crosses for his service in the Japanese theatre of the war.

He later finished law school and set up practice in Eau Claire. He won several City Championships from the EC CC as the best golfer of the year. He loved to play golf and was instumental in the development of Whitetail Golf Course in Colfax. He was also great in the ski world. He and a friend developed a ski run in rural Colfax, Deepwood, that is no longer there.

Dennis ran for Assembly and was in the WI Assembly when his life ended from inoperable cancer. He was only 50 years old. He married Natalie Ayres from Eau Claire and they had four children, Susan, Mary and Mark, twins and William. Natalie is still alive and lives in assisted living in Eau Claire. Natalie is the sister of Owen Ayres and Fred Ayres., both of Eau associated with Ayres Engineering and one American Materials. The father, A. Owen Ayres, was one of the initial members of the old Eau Claire County Club. He donated the pillars that used to be at the entrance of the CC...also no longer there.

Dennis was a Lt. Commander in the US Navy Air Force when he left the service to return to law school in Madison. He received his "wings" sometime after 1942...I do not have the date right now. He was commissioned at Corpus Christie, Texas and received additional training in the Philippines. He also contracted malaria while in the Philippines.

I did see my other brother, Reuben's name on the registry and was very surprised that Dennis was not on the list.

I was born a year after Dennis graduated from HS in don't remember a lot about him while I was growing up but do recall when he returned from law school in Madison and set up practice in downtown Eau Claire. He was active in the YMCA, Boy Scouts and many other organizations. He ran for US Congress on the Republican ticket in 1964 but was defeated by the democratic landslide that year. Dennis quite often gave the Memorial Day address in Owen Park each year. He was a great brother and friend...his life ended way too soon. He was a smoker...a habit acquired from the so many did acquire...and sometimes, he would say a few words about flying in the war. He talked about taking off and landing on an aircraft carrier...but not very often. Those planes carried bombs.