Robert F. (Bob) Dannenberg

Contributed by Cate Reiter, Altoona, WI

3 Chippewa Boys in New Guinea     October 23, 1942
Bob Dannenberg, Don Lawrence, and Elmer Peterson on Pacific Front
Staff Sergeant Robert Dannenberg, who left Chippewa Falls with Battery C two years ago, is now stationed somewhere in New Guinea. In a letter written under date of October 2 to some of his former associates on the Herald-Telegram, he says in part:

"So far as we know, Elmer Peterson, Don Lawrence, and myself are the only Chippewa boys in action on this front. Old Battery C is still back in Australia, but they are doing a tough job now that will develop into something big later on. Better keep your eyes on this spot, something big should happen real soon.

"As I'm writing this, I'm lying on Pete's bunk (I should say blanket; I've forgotten what a bunk looks like), while he is digging his fox hole. These fox holes are mighty handy places to dive into when the Japs come over on their little social calls. And we never lack company. I found four friendly lizards tangled up in my mosquito netting when I turned in last night. Taking everything into consideration, it isn't so bad if it wasn't for the heat, and the natives say the hot spell is just coming on.

"The favorite topic of conversation with us is what we would be doing if we were back in Chippewa.

"I'll never sprinkle the lawn again with Chippewa water. You can never appreciate it until you get down here. Just think--all the water you can drink back home. Boy, that's a luxury to us.

"We're in good health and are thankful that we are down here where it's safe, instead of back home where we'd probably get run over by a car or sprain an ankle sliding or slipping down Spring Street Hill in the winter.

"We would like to get the local paper, so we could see how high Joe Dressel's corn is this year."

Dannenberg's address is Staff Sergeant R. Dannenberg (20651957) Cannon Company, 126th Infantry, APO 32, Care Postmaster, San Francisco, CA.

Staff Sergeant Robert Dannenberg was reported killed in action in the Pacific War Theater in a telegram received yesterday by his mother, Mrs. Ann Dannenberg of this city, from the War Department at Washington.

The message said he was killed December 26, 1942.

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Battery C
 120th Field Artillery Battalion
32nd Red Arrow Division
 Chippewa Falls