Norris H. Decker

On Destroyer Laffey During Pacific Battle
Norris H. Decker, Electrician Mate First Class, son of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron W. Decker, 609 Bolles Street, was aboard the U.S. Destroyer Laffey, when it took a terrific pounding off the coast of Okinawa in April.

No word has been received from Decker since April, but it is believed he is among the survivors, as no official notice has been received, and it is believed next of kin of all casualties have been notified.

A recent issue of this paper carried a story of the Laffey's heroic fight, and pictures of the battered warship were carried in the Telegram Saturday and Leader Sunday morning.

In a two-hour engagement, the 2,200-ton destroyer was hit by six Japanese suicide planes and two bombs, leaving a toll of 31 killed or missing and 60 wounded.

The gallant ship kept afloat despite bombs and fires and limped back to Seattle, WA, where she will be repaired for further action against the Japs.