George H. Deilke

Private First Class George H. Deilke, son of Mr. and Mrs. Deilke, 540 1/2 Water Street, has been given a certificate of award for crossing the equator. He also received the Marksmen Rifle, Sharpshooter, and Field Artillery Medals.  Private First Class Deilke is now in New Guinea.

Have Reunion in New Guinea
Private First Class George H. Deilke (right) 540 1/2 Water Street and Corporal George Orendorff (left) 719 Menomonie Street had a reunion in New Guinea.

The two boys attended high school at the same time.  Private First Class Deilke wrote to his parents and said that, at the time of their meeting, he and Corporal Orendorff  "just sat for about an hour and talked about the home town and good times we used to have."

The picture was taken of the two chums at the time of their meeting.