Arthur (Gene) Eugene DeRusha

Arthur Eugene DeRusha, of this city, is serving on the recently commissioned battleship, the new Wisconsin. He is a Radio Mate Third Class. His mother, Mrs. Louis DeRusha, and his sister, Mrs. Marshall Perham, were in Philadelphia at the time the ship was commissioned and were guests at a luncheon on the battleship.

At least one Eau Claire youth is serving on the Battleship Wisconsin, now slugging it out with the Japs in their home waters. He is Arthur Eugene DeRusha, Radio Mate Third Class, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis DeRusha, 508 McDonough Street.

DeRusha was assigned to the Wisconsin, when it was first launched and has been on it ever since. Actions of the giant battleship were recounted in a story from Guam published yesterday.

DeRusha, now 21, has been in the Navy four years and also saw early action in the Pacific, including the Battle of Midway.

Written by Harold (Diz) Kronenberg

Gene grew up on the northside of Eau Claire and became a policeman for the city of Eau Claire.