Al J. Dodge

Staff Sergeant A. J. Dodge, son of Mrs. Doris Dodge, Altoona, and grandson of Mrs. Elizabeth Schanon, Elk Mound, is on his way home for a month's furlough, after a long period of service in the Southwest Pacific.

Staff Sergeant Dodge was with the first Infantry troops landed on Guadalcanal to take over from the Marines in wiping out the Jap garrisons there and has been in other actions in that area since then. He arrived in the United States last weekend and notified his mother he will be home soon.

Staff Sergeant A. J. Dodge has arrived home, after two years service in the South Pacific, and is visiting his mother, Mrs. Doris Dodge of Altoona. He is on a 24-day delay, en route to Fort Knox, KY, where he will be an instructor in the Armored Division.

Clayton Dodge, Seaman Second Class, has returned to Farragut, ID, after spending a 15-day leave with his mother, Mrs. Doris Dodge of Altoona.

He entered the service on May 16 of this year and has now completed his boot training.

His brother, Staff Sergeant Al Dodge, has returned form the South Pacific, after service there for two years and five months.

Elk Mound Soldier Kills Jap Officer, Sends His Flag Home
Sgt. Al J. Dodge, son of Mr. and Mrs. Burnham Dodge of Elk Mound and grandson of the late John and Elizabeth Shannon of Elk Mound, is at present in active service with the 161st infantry in New Guinea. He was at Guadalcanal in February, 1943 and saw some of the hard fighting.

In the fighting he killed a Japanese officer and took his personal flag upon which is inscribed the victories of that officer and the awards received. There was also a picture of the officer and his wife, much faded and stained from the battles through which he had served.

Sergeant Dodge was confined to a hospital following this engagement, but mostly from exhaustion and fatigue. He writes that for some minutes it was a question of which one would live to tell the tale. the Jap or Himself.

The Jap flag, sent to his parents by Sergeant Dodge, is on disply in the show window at the Northern States Power. Company.