Gordon Domer

Private First Class Gordon Domer, whose wife, Mrs. Bernice Domer, resides at 2008 Somona Parkway, is receiving his final phase of training as nose gunner of a Liberator bomber at Walla Walla Army Field.

His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Domer, reside at Chicago.

Roger W. Domer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Domer, has been awarded the Air Medal and promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant from that of Sergeant for missions against the Japs in the Central Pacific as a gunner aboard a Seventh Air Force bomber.

Staff Sergeant Domer enlisted in the Army Air Corps in September 1942 and received his training at Las Vegas, NV and at an Army air field in Texas. He was in the Hawaiian Islands before being sent to his present base in the Marshall Islands.

His brother, Gordon Domer, is in the Army Air Corps, stationed at Sheppard Field, Texas.