George F. Egan

City Soldier in Massed Parachute Bond Rally Jump
A newspaper article from Jacksonville, FL tells of a massed parachute jump by 288 artillerymen, at that city on June 22 to encourage the sale of war bonds.

Participating in the demonstration jump was Corporal George F. Egan, son of Mr. and Mrs. F.P. Egan, Eau Claire, who is a member of a Parachute Field Artillery Battalion at Camp Blanding, FL.

The men came over in waves of 12 bi-motored C-47 transport planes and jumped 600 feet, eight in a "stick" from each plane.

"A bedlam of screams, as the first men "hit the silk," was suddenly hushed as the white chutes billowed out and the first wave landed downfield," the Jacksonville item states. "Hurriedly rolling their deflated parachutes, the men rushed to their headquarters on a small knoll on the field.

"Trouble was encountered in the second 'pass,' when one chute failed to open fully and the trooper was forced to pull his emergency chest pack, just before he hit the ground."

It was estimated that a crowd of 60,000 persons saw the demonstration.