Richard Harrison Egdahl

Eau Claire Senior High Student Gets Salute Over WGN
Richard Harrison Egdahl, 17-year-old son of Dr. and Mrs. H.I. Egdahl, 608 South Dewey Street and a senior in the Eau Claire Senior High School, was saluted as Honor Student of the Week on the Station WGN (Chicago) "Citizens of Tomorrow" program on Sunday, April 9 but, because the advance publicity notice mailed out to the local press from the broadcasting studio went astray, no mention of it was made in the papers here at the time. 

The studio has transmitted the script of the salute to young Egdahl, which follows: 

All Straight "A"s 
"Few students are able to make the scholastic rating of straight A's throughout four years of high school—as 17-year-old RICHARD HARRISON EGDAHL of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has done. Richard has been no slouch with his extra-curricular activities the meantime. He has, to his credit—two years on the debate team...activity on the high school tennis team . . . top place with both the cello and piano solo contests at the annual music festival, made up of a 25-school competition...he is president of the high school orchestra, member of Lyceum...of DeMolay...and YMCA. Without hesitancy, I recommend Richard Egdahl as Honor Student of the Week and a sure-fire CITIZEN OF TOMORROW." 

Egdahl Enlists
Young Egdahl, who will be graduated from the senior high school this June, enlisted this week in the V-12 Naval Reserve, taking and passing his examination, was accepted and inducted into the service, and placed on the reserve list, awaiting call later. 

Another Eau Claire student, Robert Couture, son of, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice A. Couture, 142 Broadway and a senior and class salutatorian  at St. Patrick's High School here, will be saluted Sunday as Honor Student of the Week on the "Citizens of Tomorrow'' broadcast over WGN, as previously announced.. The broadcast is at 1:30 p.m.

Aviation Student Richard Egdahl, son of Dr. and Mrs. Harry Egdahl, 608 Dewey Street, is spending a 14-day leave here.

He is enrolled in the Navy V-12 Unit at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH. He will resume studies there July 5.