Harvey J. Eisold

Private Harvey J. Eisold, 1021 Second Avenue, has been promoted to the rank of Private First Class, according to Colonel George H. Cushman, Post Commander.

Private Eisold is attached to the supply unit at Fort Sheridan, IL.

Memorial Day—and our thoughts are with our fighting men in training camps and overseas, as well as with the heroes who have given their lives in this and other wars.

What are the men overseas thinking about when they have time to take their minds off the grim business at hand? It isn't hard to guess. Correspondents have told us that many letters have expressed those thoughts of family, friends, and the old home town.

A recent letter from Private Harvey Eisold, Jr., who has been overseas for two years and is now somewhere in North Africa, written to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Eisold, 1021 Second Avenue, this city, puts into words so easily and sincerely what many young men are feeling that we are printing his letter:

"Dearest Mother and Dad: Here I am again. It is Sunday and a beautiful day. The sun is shining and the smell of the new flowers kind of gives a fellow a lonesome feeling.

"How is the weather back home? I imagine it is getting pretty nice. Had a good letter from Kay Cramer and she said the river is high again, as I remember it. Just little things like that sound good to these ears. Then I can just picture the backyard, with the garden starting to grow, and remember cleaning the yard after the winter's snow, and everybody in the neighborhood busy with spring house cleaning, everything all upset, everyone out doors, cleaning up their places and planting spring flowers.

"I think of our little picnics out in the country and those evenings when I was sitting in the front porch swing, reading the paper or watching someone watering the lawn. And those little band concerts down on First Avenue always were pretty nice to go to. Then maybe we would go over town and walk down Barstow Street to pass the time.

"Mother, these are just the simple little things I dream of coming back to, and they mean all the world to me. They are treasured memories. I hope I can soon return to settle down to a normal life with a family of my own some day, to watch them grow up in a beautiful world, just as you and Dad did for me. I hope things will be straightened out now, once and for all, so my family can stay home and enjoy a normal life, as was meant for them.

"I am not feeling sorry for myself, because I know millions of people depend on us and someone had to do this and I'm glad I'm one of them.—

"Well, I'm back from dinner, so will finish. We had roast chicken, dressing, mashed potatoes, bread, butter, pie, string beans and lemonade. It was very good but I wish you had fixed it. Then it would have been wonderful. Just to sit down at the kitchen table to a good home cooked meal—that would be scrumptious!

"I hope Dad is feeling much better and that all is going the best possible with you. God bless you all, and loads of love from your son,  HARVEY"