Delores L. Erickson

Inducted into the WAACs on Flag Day
The oath of allegiance to the WAACs was administered by Lieutenant Roberta Dent to seven girls at the Flag Day ceremonies in the Chippewa Fairgrounds, Sunday. Taking the oath from Lieutenant Dent (right) are (left to right) Millicent Badman, Carroll Anderson, Delores Erickson, Marjorie Boyd, Elizabeth English; Gladys Grinsel. Candidate not pictured is Grace Anderson.

48 Eau Claire Women in WAC; 4 Serve Overseas
Eau Claire has four WACs now serving overseas, according to records at Recruiting Headquarters in the Union National Bank Building here. They are Leona McSorley, Delores Erickson, Mary A. Novacek, and Esther Wisotzke. All are stationed somewhere in England.

The names of approximately forty-eight patriotic women of Eau Claire, who are members of the Women's Army Corps, may now be seen on life-size cardboard WAC figures located in Union National Bank Building, the Post Office, and the Northwestern Depot.

The pictures of at least twenty of these girls may be seen in the display windows of Mouck's Bootery.

The recruiting personnel of Eau Claire would be glad to have names, which may have been omitted, with as much information about them as possible. Should anyone know where pictures of others girls may be obtained, this information would be appreciated. The office is located in 509 Union National Bank Building. The phone is 6021.

Among the WACs who have served 18 months in the Mediterranean Theater of War and who are now entitled to wear the three golden bars on their uniform sleeves is Technician Fifth Grade Delores L. Erickson of Eau Claire.

Eau Claire WAC in Italy Sews on Two Gold Stripes

ALLIED FORCE HEADQUARTERS, Italy.—A large unit of WACs gathered on November 5 to celebrate one year’s service in a foreign theater. The telephone operators observed the first anniversary of landing in North Africa, where there was a pressing need for WACs in the field of communications. After unsnarling the telephonic jams that the pressure of military moves brings about, the women moved on to Italy to do the same thing over. There is no room for monotony, for the operators know the vital importance of each call that they handle.  The calls must go through with speed and accuracy, for lives can be saved or lost by the orders that sometimes must be given by telephonic contacts.  

Among the WACs who observed the anniversary of one year’s service overseas and who are authorized to wear the two golden stripes is Private First Class Delores L. Erickson, 638 Cochrane Street, Eau Claire, Wisconsin.