Delos (Eric) W. Erickson

Delos W. Erickson, 638 Cochrane Street, was recently promoted to Sergeant, according to an announcement from his group headquarters. Sergeant Erickson, who has been with his present organization since it left for overseas a year ago, is now an administrative clerk in the communications section with a reconnaissance unit in Belgium.

D. Erickson in Charge of Mail at Mustang Base

A NINTH AIR FORCE FIGHTER COMMAND MUSTANG BASE, England.—Delos W. Erickson, member of a Ninth Air Force Fighter Command P-51 Mustang Group, has recently been promoted to the grade of Corporal, it is announced by the group headquarters.

“Eric,” one of the smallest and youngest members of the organization, is the boy who does or doesn’t, as the case may be, bring mail from the home front. Since September 1943, Corporal Erickson has been in charge of the mail section of his organization.

Every day at mail-call time, Eric’s department is the most popular, as the boys gather around with that anxious look on their faces.  “Any mail today, Eric?” comes the cry from countless individuals, as they crowd toward the opened sack.

Corporal Erickson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Erickson, 638 Cochrane Street, Eau Claire, WI, prior to being inducted into the U.S. Army Air Forces at Milwaukee in January 1943, was employed by the Wisconsin Telephone Company at Eau Claire.

A graduate of Eau Claire High School, 1941, where he majored in graphic arts, Corporal Erickson received his basic training at Jefferson Barracks, MO.