Douglas Erickson

Private Ernest Erickson has been transferred from Australia to New Guinea, according to an airmail letter received by his wife, who lives at Route 1, Strum. He left the United States in June. Private Erickson is the son of Mrs. Bertha Omodth, 506 Davis Avenue, this city. He has two brothers in the service, Corporal Douglas Erickson, serving in the North Atlantic area, and Sergeant Thomas Erickson, in the Air Corps Gunnery School at Las Vegas, NV.

Corporal Douglas Erickson and Sergeant Thomas D. Erickson recently spent their furloughs together at the home of their mother, Mrs. Bertha Omodth, 506 Davis Avenue. Douglas, in the Army Air Corps, has been serving in the North Atlantic area for the past year. Thomas, also in the Air Corps, has been stationed in Nevada for the past two years. Another brother, Ernest, is now in Australia.