Eldon Joseph Erickson

The following men enlisted in the Navy at Milwaukee on June 9: Eldon Joseph Erickson, 1614 Altoona Avenue; Orville Jevne, Rock Falls; Merlin Moore, Augusta; and Wayne Rutherford, Chetek. LaMoine Gardow, Rural Route 2, Eau Claire, and Mark Spencer, Crandon, enlisted on June 10.

Eldon Joseph Erickson, 18, son of Mrs. Myrla May Erickson, 1614 Altoona Avenue, was enrolled recently in an intensive course at Radio Naval Training School, located on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Bluejacket Eldon Joseph Erickson, 18, son of Mrs. Myrla M. Erickson 1614 Altoona Avenue, was graduated this week from the Radio Naval Training School at Madison as Fleet Radio Operator.