Leonard (Lenny) H. Erickson

Private Leonard H. Erickson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Erickson, 1528 Emery Street, is enrolled at Keesler Field, MS in an airplane mechanics course, having qualified for the school by his outstanding marks on Army mechanical aptitude tests. The course includes instruction in B-24 fundamentals, structures, fuel, electrical system, propellers, instruments, hydraulic systems, engine operation, and airplane inspection.

Aerial Gunner

Private First Class Leonard Erickson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin K. Erickson, 1528 Emery Street, was graduated on August 19 from the Army Air Forces Flexible Gunnery School, Laredo, Texas and received a diploma and aerial gunnerís silver wings.

Private First Class Erickson entered the service in January of this year and, after being stationed at Jefferson Barracks, MO and Keesler Field, MS, reported for aerial gunner training to Laredo Army Field.

After a 15-day furlough here, he will report to Lincoln, NE on September 7.

Contributed by Audree Ayres, Eau Claire

Gets Gunners Wings in Army
One of a ten-man bomber crew trained to fight in B-24 Liberators and recently graduated at this heavy bombardment training base is Corporal Leonard H. Erickson, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Erickson, 1528 Emery, Eau Claire, WI, who will soon be overseas as an aerial gunner of the crew.

Corporal Erickson and his nine crewmates have been thoroughly schooled in simulated heavy bombardment tactics, including interception by pursuit planes, "shooting them down" on film with cameras rigged to machine guns, navigation flights, bombing missions, air to ground gunnery missions and other procedures which have fitted the crew for aerial combat overseas.

Corporal Erickson entered the service in January 1944. He is a graduate of senior high school in the Class of 1943.

He also attended Eau Claire State Teachers College.

Written by Harold (Diz) Kronenberg

Lenny married Ardis Berg, sister of the well-known Eau Claire athlete-coach, Cy Berg.