John L. Everson

Mary Lou Everson, Storekeeper Second Class, has returned to Pensacola, FL, after spending the past 15 days with her mother, Mrs. Julia Everson, 1509 Lyndale Avenue, and with Mrs. D. A. Watson, her sister, and Linda Lou, her niece, at Stevens Point.

Storekeeper Everson enlisted in the WAVES in August 1943 and has been stationed at the NATS, Pensacola for the past nine months. On August 1 of this year, she was promoted to Second Class Petty Officer.

She has two brothers in the service, Lieutenant Al F. J. Everson, now in France, and Private John L. Everson at Camp Roberts, CA.

Private John Everson, son of Mrs. Julia Everson, 1509 Lyndale Avenue, has arrived in the Hawaiian Islands.

Private Everson was inducted into the service on August 25, 1944 and received his training at Camp Roberts, CA. During his training, he took a specialized course in mechanics. 

Private Everson is in the Infantry.