Robert J. Fausett

Among First Aviation Men to Go Ashore on Okinawa
OKINAWA (delayed) - Two Wisconsin Marines were among the first aviation men to participate in the initial phases of the battle here.

They are Technical Sergeant Robert J. Fausett (at left) son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Fausett, 915 Graham Avenue, Eau Claire, and Sergeant Corvan G. Nelson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Nelson, Route 1, Elmwood.

The assault echelon of the air unit landed on the western Okinawa coast, close on the heels of the Infantry, and moved 1200 yards inland where they established operations on the site of the former Jap bomber strip at Yontan Airport.

The airfield is 330 miles northeast of Formosa and 360 miles southwest of the Jap city of Kagoshima. Shanghai is 400 miles to the northwest.

When not using their rifles and carbines, the Wisconsin Marines are engaged in the operation of the air base and the servicing and repair of the planes.

Technical Sergeant Robert Fausett, son of C. A. Fausett, 915 Graham Avenue, who has been in the South Pacific since last September, landed with other members of the Marine Corps on the island of Okinawa Easter morning. Members of the family had not heard of his whereabouts for several months.