Clarence L. Fedie

Pfc.Clarence L. Fedie, with the 44th Division of the 7th Army, France, has recently been awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge. Pfc. Fedie is the husband of Mrs. Geraldine Fedie, Route 2, New Auburn.

The local soldier's division went into the line on the Vosges Front in France in November 1944 and is participating in the 7th Army drive into Germany. Major General Robert L. Spragins is Commanding General of the 44th Infantry Division.

The 44th Division was originally formed in March 1923 of National Guard units in New York, New Jersey, and Delaware. It entered federal service on September 15, 1940. While in the United States, the 44th trained at several camps and participated in two maneuvers, in addition to becoming the principal component of the forces holding the Northwestern Sector, Western Defense Command.