Daniel L. Fenner

Aboard Cruiser in Pacific Area
ABOARD A U. S. LIGHT CRUISER OFF OKINAWA (Delayed) -  Stationed aboard this light cruiser, Daniel L. Fenner, Soundman, Second Class, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Fenner, Route 3, Eau Claire, saw duty in the very shadow of the Japanese homeland in recent weeks as the U.S. Navy carried the war in Japan's front yard. 

As a prelude to the Okinawa operation, this ship and her crew spent four days close by the Japs' mainland as a part of a task force which sent wave after wave of carrier-based planes against Kyushu and Honshu Islands. 

Assigned to provide anti-aircraft protection for the Navy's fast and hard hitting flat-tops, this cruiser was in the middle of the action during the entire engagement. Her first kill of this operation came in the afternoon of the first day, when she steamed up with a destroyer to shoot down a Jap bomber and capture its pilot, alive, after he had parachuted into the water.

Earlier that day, one of the most spectacular kills of the engagement was made when two twin-engine Jap bombers were shot down a few thousand yards of the cruiser's starboard beam. 

The Japs made their most determined bid on the third day, when a large formation of planes was reported headed for the task force. Patiently, the men of this ship waited at their battle stations for the attack that never came. Several hours later, American planes, sent out to intercept the enemy, reported that enemy bombers and 12 fighters had been shot down and that the attack had been routed. 

This report called for a celebration of all hands and a big dish of walnut ice cream for dinner that night. 

The cruiser and her entire complement came through without a scratch.