Laverna Ferg

Miss Laverna Ferg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H.[?] Ferg of 411 Marshall Street, is the newest recruit to enlist in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps and will leave on  January 19 for Fort Des Moines, IA, where she will receive her preliminary training. 

Miss Ferg, who was graduated from the Eau Claire High School in 1939, was associated with the Lutheran Welfare Hospital at Addison, IL for two years but has recently been employed at the Pressure Cooker. 

She was sworn in on December 17 at Milwaukee and has chosen the medical division of the Women's Army Air Corps in which to serve.


Word has been received by Mr. and Mrs. J. H.[?] Ferg, 411 Marshall Street, that their daughter, Auxiliary Laverna Ferg, has completed her basic training at Fort Des Moines and has been transferred to Washington, DC. Miss Ferg writes that she is enjoying her work in the service very much and that the soldiers seem to be very much pleased when the Women's Army Air Corps are sent in, to release them for active service.

Private Laverna Ferg, 411 Marshall Street, Eau Claire, was among the first group of WACs at Fort Belvoir, WV awarded Good Conduct Ribbons at a post ceremony, recently, by Colonel Richard Lee, Post Executive Officer. The ribbons are presented for “exemplary behavior, efficiency, and fidelity over a one-year period.”

Pfc. Laverna Ferg Home on Furlough
Private First Class Laverna Ferg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. T.[?] Ferg, 411 Marshall Street, has been home this week on furlough from Fort Belvoir, VA, where she is stationed with the Women's Air Corps.

Private Ferg, who is a graduate of the Eau Claire High School, will have served in the Women's Air Corps one year on January 19. She received her basic training at Fort Des Moines, IA and later served for six months at Camp Simons, Washington, DC with the Coast Artillery where she aided in special experimental work on anti-aircraft. 

For two years prior to her enlistment, she worked in the hospital clinic at the orphanage near Chicago.

She was among the first group of' women in the Women's Air Corps to receive training at the Medical Technician School at Hot Springs, AR and, from there, went to Fort Belvoir, where she is now engaged in laboratory and x-ray work at the station hospital. 

Private First Class Ferg says she has enjoyed all of her many military experiences. She was a visitor at the local Women's Air Corps recruiting office, 509 Union National Bank Building here. She says that the Air WACs are very active at Bolling Field, near which Fort Belvoir is situated. 

The drive for enlistment of Air WACs, to swell the ranks of the Army Air Forces, is still under way in Wisconsin.