Leonard A. Finseth

Leonard A. Finseth, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Finseth, Mondovi, is serving somewhere in the Pacific.

He entered the Navy on April 7, 1942 and trained and attended school four months in San Diego, CA. He has since served in the Atlantic and Pacific. He was recently promoted to Gunner's Mate Second Class.

He has a sister, Orpha Finseth, who is a Corporal in the WAC.

Orpha Finseth Is Now Corporal
Orpha L. Finseth, WAC, formerly of 611 Davis Avenue, Eau Claire, now assigned to the WAC Headquarters Detachment at Camp Carson, CO, has been promoted from Private First Class to the rank of Corporal on February 2.

Corporal Finseth, daughter of Arndt Finseth, was sworn into the WAC on April 28, 1943 through the Sixth Service Command at Milwaukee. She took her basic training at Fort Devens, MA. She was transferred to Camp Carson on August 19, 1943.

At Camp Carson, Corporal Finseth has been assigned to the Ordnance Office. Before joining the WAC, she was a defense plant crew leader.

A brother, Leonard Finseth, is a Navy gunner.

Ordnance at Camp Carson utilizes the services of 9 per cent of the Camp Carson WACs. In this branch, they issue, replace, and keep files on instruments and equipment and handle stock locator files.

Camp Carson WACs, 22 per cent of them college-trained, 72 per cent of who have brothers or sons or husbands in this war, have made themselves an important part of the activities and work at Camp Carson, according to Colonel Wilfred M. Blunt, Camp Commander.