James N. Fisher

Lt. James Fisher Tells of Mosquito Attack in Arkansas
Lieutenant James N. Fisher, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. N. Fisher, 429 Lincoln Avenue, who was in the State Conservation Department at Black River Falls prior to his entry into the Armed Forces, is now teaching flying at Stuttgart, Arkansas.

In a recent letter, he tells about the mosquitoes in Arkansas.

"They really are thick," he says. "I never saw them so bad except for the spring that I was in Northern Minnesota. They are getting larger, too, and are about as big as our average ones and still very black.

"In the daytime, they don't show up but, at night, watch out! They are well-trained, too. They always come over in javelin formation and peel off into a pattern. There are control mosquitoes that direct traffic around a victim.

"The other day, I heard a control ship holler, 'Second mosquito on the approach, pull up, and go around, the pattern is too crowded.' Later on, I heard, 'All mosquitoes from control, all mosquitoes from control, formation landings are now authorized.'

"They have all latest devices, too, including a muffler that makes them noiseless," Lieutenant Fisher explains. "You can't hear them."

In the July number of Wisconsin Conservation, Lieutenant Fisher has an interesting article on planes and conservation.

Written by Harold (Diz) Kronenberg

Jim Fisher, for many years, wrote outdoor articles for the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram. He and his wife were active members of the Hillcrest Golf and Country Club for many years.