Milton H. Fix

Legion of Merit Awarded Milton Fix in England
AN 8TH AAF BOMBER STATION, England—Master Sergeant Milton H. Fix, 34, of Eau Claire, WI, Ground Crew Chief of an Eighth Army Air Force Flying Fortress, has been awarded the Legion of Merit at this base in England. The presentation was made by Major General Curtis E. LeMay, Bombardment Division Commander. 

The citation accompanying the award stated: "For exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services, while serving as the crew chief of a heavy bombardment airplane during the period of May 15, 1943 to November 16, 1943. 

Master Sergeant Fix has, by his skill, leadership and devotion to duty, inspired his ground crew to an exceptional degree of efficiency. Master Sergeant Fix devised a number of time-saving facilities for the convenience of his crew and for the more efficient execution of their duties. Because of the uniformly superior condition in which the airplane under the care of Master Sergeant Fix has been maintained, combat crews have not experienced a mechanical failure, nor have they failed to carry out any combat mission. The efficiency and devotion to duty exhibited by Master Sergeant Fix have been a credit to himself and the Armed Forces of the United States." 

Sergeant Fix, whose home is at 603 South Farwell Street, Eau Claire, is the son of Edwin J. Fix of Boston, IL. 

Before entering service on April 12, 1942, Sergeant Fix was a salesman for the Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company, working out of the St. Louis, Missouri office. 

Sergeant Fix's wife, Mrs. Eleanor E. Fix, is now living at 1004 Locust Street, Kansas City, Missouri.

AN 8TH AIR FORCE BOMBER STATION, England.—Milton H. Fix, 36, of Eau Claire, WI, until recently a Master Sergeant and chief of a crew of aircraft mechanics with the 95th Bombardment Group, a B-17 Flying Fortress component of the Eighth Air Force, has been given a direct commission from the ranks as a Second Lieutenant and now is serving as an assistant to the group  engineering officer, it was announced recently by Colonel Karl Truesdell, Jr., of Washington, DC, Commanding Officer of the group. 

Lieutenant Fix, who while still an enlisted man was awarded the Legion of Merit for "outstanding services," is a member of the Fortress group which led the first American bombing attack on targets in Berlin and which was cited by the President for its outstanding bombing of railroad marshalling yards at Munster, Germany in October 1943.

As a component of the distinguished Third Bombardment Division, the 95th also shared in a Presidential Citation, given the entire division for its historic England-Africa shuttle bombing of an important Messerschmitt fighter plane plant at Regensburg, Germany in August 1943. While serving as a mechanic crew chief, Fix helped ready Fortresses, which participated in those, and other, outstanding combat missions. 

The newly commissioned Second Lieutenant, whose home before his entry into service was at 603 South Farwell Street, Eau Claire, is the son of Edwin J. Fix of Boston, IL. The Lieutenant's wife, Mrs. Eleanor  E. Fix, lives at 1004 Locust Street, Kansas City, Missouri. 

Before entering service in April 1942, Lieutenant Fix was a salesman for the Liggett and Myers Tobacco Company, operating out of St. Louis, Missouri.