Mark Fjelstad

Heard Over Short Wave from Prison Camp in Germany
A few days ago, people in several states heard Lieutenant Mark Fjelstad, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ausman Fjelstad, town of Wheaton, and who is in prison camp, Stalag Luft, No. 3 in Germany, broadcast over the short wave radio from the prison camp, announcing he was safe and well.

Neither his wife, Mrs. Bessie Fjelstad of La Crosse, nor his parents or other relatives heard the broadcast, but Mrs. Fjelstad, at La Crosse, received cards from persons in several scattered states, telling her of hearing the broadcast and informing her of what he said.

Ensign Willard Tietz of Chippewa Falls, recently killed in a plane crash in California, was a cousin of Lieutenant Fjelstad.

Lieutenant Fjelstad was made a prisoner of war of the Germans when he was forced to bail out of his plane over Europe last fall. Mrs. Fjelstad has received letters from her husband since he became a prisoner.

Wheaton Pilot is Among Liberated Men from Stalag 7
Mrs. Bessie Fjelstad, of La Crosse, has received a telegram, announcing that her husband, Lieutenant Mark Fjelstad, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ausman Fjelstad, town of Wheaton and a pilot in the Army Air Force, liberated two weeks ago from prison camp Stalag 7-A at Moostburg, Germany, has arrived in England on his way home.

Lieutenant Fjelstad was taken prisoner on May 28, 1944.

Some of his crew members are with him in England, Mrs. Fjelstad was informed.