Buck Flech

Contributed by Cate Reiter, Altoona, WI

Aitape, New Guinea 1944
Howie Reiter, Buck Flech, Edmund (Dutch) Nowak, Mike Ramsey, Des O'Connell; Don Whitwam.

"Buck Flech is a Navy man from Chippewa. That is his ship in the background; it is a LST (Landing Ship Tank). The guys from Battery C heard the ship had arrived and went down to see what was happening and ran into a fellow Chippewan. This is one of my favorite pictures of Dad" (Cate Reiter 03-03-04).

"Mike Ramsey served with Battery C, but he was a 'draftee' from LaCrosse" (Howard and Cate Reiter 03-03-04).

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Battery C
 120th Field Artillery Battalion
32nd Red Arrow Division
 Chippewa Falls