Paul Ira J. Fleming

Paul I. J. Fleming, 663 North Michigan Street; Frederick Zutter, 202 Mappa Street; and Arthur L. Anderson, 324 Cameron Street, completed the eight-month V-12 College Training Program at Emory and Henry College, Emory, VA last week. All are enlisted in the Naval Air Corps and are classified as pilots. After spending a week leave with relatives here, they will report to Columbus, OH, where they will be stationed from one to three months, before being assigned to pre-flight schools.

Paul Fleming, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Fleming, 633 North Michigan Street, has been appointed a Navy Aviation Cadet and is now at the U. S. Navy Flight Preparatory School at Troy, NY. Aviation Cadet Fleming enlisted under the V-5 Naval Aviation Program in February 1943, while a freshman at the University of Wisconsin and attended Emory and Henry College in Virginia for eight months after being called in July. He was promoted from Apprentice Seaman to Seaman Second Class at the completion of his course there and transferred to Columbus, OH.

Aviation Cadet Paul Fleming arrived Wednesday evening from Troy, NY to spend a 10-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Fleming, 663 North Michigan Street. Cadet Fleming has been accepted for training as a midshipman in the Navy and will report to Asbury Park, NJ at the end of his leave to begin his pre-midshipman course.

Local Navy Man Describes Fury of Eastern Hurricane
A/S Paul Fleming in Midst of It
Aviation Student Paul Fleming, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Fleming, 663 North Michigan Street, not only witnessed the devastating tropical hurricane that struck the eastern seaboard last week from what might be termed the "bald-headed row" but was right in the midst of it as well. 

Aviation Student Fleming is attending pre-midshipman school at Asbury Park, NJ and lives in an hotel on the boardwalk, taken over by the Navy, and was there when the hurricane, roaring in from the sea, struck with all its fury. 

In a letter received today by his parents, the Eau Claire boy gave a graphic description of the storm and its effects as he saw them, as follows: 

Could Tell It Was Coming
"I started writing this last night, while sweating out the hurricane, but the electricity went out and I had to quit. 

"Remember how you used to worry about the little wind storms we had? Boy, you should have been here; you really would have had a good worry. 

"We could tell it was coming all afternoon. The sky was a dull gray and copper, and the ocean looked the same way. The peak hit about 7:30 pm. The waves were breaking over the street, right outside our hotel and smashed the fence around it. 

"It ripped up the boardwalk and caved in the whole place. In case you have never seen a boardwalk, it is about 20 yards wide with stores, restaurants and amusement places on one side; the beach on the other. The ocean, at normal times, is 50 yards away and the walk is elevated.

Saw Wall Crushed
"We could look from our window and see the breakers smash the wall and windows of the buildings. The wind reached 100 miles per hour, ripping the tile from our roof and smashing the window. 

"Benches, phone booths, everything imaginable went floating down the street. 

"We were assigned to sea patrol duty this afternoon. Imagine cleaning up the debris. It was quite the thing—no fooling." 

Aviation Student Fleming, graduate of Eau Claire Senior High School, enlisted in the Navy as an aviation cadet in January 1942, while attending the University of Wisconsin. He was admitted to pre-midshipmen school under the V-12 Training Program last month.

Seaman Paul Fleming, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Fleming, 663 North Michigan Street, has been transferred from pre-midshipman school at Asbury Park, NJ to midshipman school at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

Commissioned with Honors
ITHACA, NY--Paul Ira Fleming, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ira T. Fleming, 663 North Michigan Street, was commissioned an Ensign on March 9 in the U.S. Naval Reserve at graduation exercises for the ninth class of midshipmen to complete training at the Naval Training School at Cornell University.

Ensign Fleming won highest honors in military aptitude for the Naval Service. 

Captain D. L. Madeira, United States Navy Director of Training, Bureau of Naval Personnel, Washington, DC, addressed the class of 200 midshipmen. 

Ensign Fleming enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserve while a freshman at the University of Wisconsin in February1943. He reported to Emory and Henry College, Emory, VA in July 1943 and received further training at Columbus, Ohio; Asbury Park, NJ; and Troy, NY, before being assigned to the midshipman school at Cornell. 

After a short leave, the officer will report to Dallas, Texas for primary flight training in the Navy Air Corps.