Ernest L. Flynn

Hitch Hikes 600 Miles to Meet Brother In Italy
Ernest and Leland Flynn, sons of John Flynn, Starr Avenue, met recently for the second time in four years.

Both are stationed in Italy, Leland with the Field Artillery and Ernest with an Air Force Quartermaster Company.

Ernest hitch-hiked about 600 miles to meet his brother Leland and found him, just after the Germans had been shelling Leland's sector.

Leland and his gun crew were entrenched in a gumbo mud hole, shelling the German line.

Ernest says to Leland, "This is an awful hole you boys are in!" Leland says, "Not bad at all. Come in. Make yourself at home, while we give them Germans the works."

In his letter to his father, Ernest wrote that Leland and his crew were going about their work as calmly and coolly as if they were in their own kitchens at home.

Awarded Driver Badge in Italy
Private First Class Ernest L. Flynn of 316 Starr Avenue has been awarded the Motor Vehicle Driver Badge for efficiency in driving. He is the son of John F. Flynn, 1546 Phillips Avenue, Racine, and Mrs. Rose E. Flynn, 1303 1/2 South Farwell Street, Eau Claire.

A truck driver in civilian life, he is now a chauffeur with a 15th Air Force Service Command Quartermaster Company.

Entering the Army at Fort Sheridan, IL in August 1940, Private First Class Flynn was sent overseas to North Africa in February 1943.

Private First Class Ernest L. Flynn has been overseas with a quartermaster company since February 1943. He has served in North Africa, Sardinia, Sicily, and is now stationed somewhere in Italy.

Private First Class Flynn received his training at Fort Sheridan, IL; Fort Francis Warren, WY; and Davis-Monthan Field, AZ.