Carl O. Foss

Lieutenant Carl O. Foss, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Foss of Osseo, arrived safely somewhere in England, according to the word received by his wife, the former Betty Anderson of the town of Seymour. 

He received his training at Santa Ana, CA; Ontario, CA; Lancaster, CA; received his wings at Douglas, AZ; his advance training at Moses Lake, WA and Kearney, NE.

Second Lieutenant Carl O. Foss has been awarded the Air Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters for “meritorious achievement” while participating in numerous bombing assaults on Germany and German-occupied countries, it was announced by his base commander, Colonel Elliott Vandevanter, Jr. He is the pilot of an Eighth Army Air Force Flying Fortress. The 26-year-old flyer is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Foss, Osseo, and his wife lives at Chippewa Falls. He entered the Army Air Forces in March 1941.

Fortress Pilot Is Awarded DFC at British Base
AN EIGHTH AAF BOMBER STATION, England—First Lieutenant Carl O. Foss, 27-year-old pilot of an Eighth Army Air Force Flying Fortress, has recently been decorated with the Distinguished Flying Cross for "extraordinary achievement," while participating in numerous bombing attacks on Nazi war-making targets in Germany and German-held territory. 

The Lieutenant, whose home is in Osseo, WI, has also been awarded the Air Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters to the Air Medal and has been flying as a flight leader on many missions to the more important enemy objectives. Some of the targets that Lieutenant Foss has piloted his crew over are Berlin's ball bearing works, Regensburg's aircraft assembly plant, Augsburg's fighter factories, and the industrial areas of Bremen, Frankfurt, and the railroad center of Hamm. 

On one Berlin bombing, while under heavy fighter attack for about fifteen minutes, the Fortress piloted by Lieutenant Foss was hit in about seven or eight places by 20mm cannon shells, and one gunner was injured. The tail section suffered the most and made flying difficult for the pilot.

Before entering Aviation Cadet School in October 1942, the Lieutenant was an enlisted man, serving in the Tank Destroyer Corps of the Army. 

He entered the Army in March 1941 and, about two years later, graduated from cadet school with his wings and a commission. He joined this heavy bomb group in November 1943 and has been flying in combat ever since. 

Lieutenant Foss is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Foss, also of Osseo, WI, and his wife, the former Miss Betty Jane Anderson, is living at home with her parents near Eau Claire.