Roy W. Foss

Battleship Aims Fire at Okinawa
ABOARD A U.S. BATTLESHIP OFF OKINAWA (Delayed)—Roy W. Foss, 20, Quartermaster, First Class, United States Navy, son of Ole Foss, Route 4, Osseo, and Conwall O. Hanson, 36, Fireman First Class, United States Naval Reserve, whose wife lives at 629 1/2 Culver Street, were aboard this veteran battleship, when she poured a withering torrent of high explosive shells into the Okinawa beaches, as a unit of the greatest, naval bombardment force in history. 

With other ships in the mighty task force, she swept the western side of the island with her main and secondary batteries and 40-mm automatic weapons. So accurate and devastating was her fire, that Marines and 10th Army troops encountered only slight opposition when they landed.

The battleship reached the center of operations shortly before dawn of March 25, and her 14-inch guns soon were raising havoc with vital shore installations. Their thunderous barrage demolished an important bridge crossing, pillboxes, and a small railroad freight terminal, and battered anti-aircraft positions with deadly regularity. 

Highlight of the ship's action came during an air attack. One of the enemy planes broke through the sheet of anti-aircraft fire, singling out this battleship for a suicide run. 

Seconds later, a cheer went up from gunners and crewmen, when a hit sent the plane flaming into the sea.