Frank Alstrup Fox

Formosa Japs Take Pot Shots at City Airman
ABOARD U.S. CARRIER TASK FORCE FLAGSHIP OFF FORMOSA, October 13 (Delayed) (AP)—Navy pilots will remember their first raid on Formosa for a number of reasons.

In the field of low-level flying, Lieutenant (junior grade) Frank Fox, 23, Eau Claire, WI will have cause to remember Formosa. He took his Avenger torpedo plane down so low that two Japs shot at him with rifles. They got one hit, too, in the wing.

Lieutenant Donald Banker's reason for remembering Formosa is a simple one. The 27-year-old Duluth, MN dive bomber pilot happened to pass over several Jap army camps. "You know what they were doing? They were holding AA practice!"

Lt. (jg) F. A. Fox Home, En route to New Assignment
Lieutenant (junior grade) Frank A. Fox, United States Naval Air Force, is spending a delay en route from Whitbey Island, Washington, where he has been stationed the past several months, engaged in torpedo test dropping, to the instrument school at Atlanta, GA, his latest assignment, with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Fox, 420 Union Street. 

Lieutenant Fox, pilot of an Avenger torpedo bomber, has been in the service for 3 1/2 years, most of which has been in active duty in the South Pacific. He has taken part in nine major engagements and was recently awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Previously, he had received the Navy Cross and the Air Medal. 

Operating from a plane carrier, first the Saratoga and, later, the Lexington, Lieutenant Fox participated and rendered distinguished service in the Marshalls, Truk, Ryuku, Manila, Iwo Jima, and Formosa and was cited for his effective work in the famous battle of the Philippine Sea, when he scored a bull's eye with a torpedo against an enemy warship. 

On his return from the Pacific war zone, he was assigned, some months ago, to the Whitbey Island Station, near Seattle, Washington, where he has been stationed up to the present time. He recently recovered after a severe attack of pneumonia.

Eau Claire Pilot Gave Nips Trouble, Record Discloses
WASHINGTON, D. C—Lieutenant (junior grade) Frank A. Fox, United States Naval Reserve of 420 Union Street, Eau Claire, WI, recently returned from a tour of combat duty in the Pacific, where he flew a torpedo plane based on one of the Navy's big aircraft carriers, and is now at the torpedo bomber station at Seattle, Washington. 

Attached to Air Group 19, Lieutenant (junior grade) Fox piloted a General Motors Avenger, which can attack with bombs, rockets and .50 caliber machine guns, as well as torpedoes. 

The Eau Claire pilot inflicted substantial damage on enemy shipping, including torpedo hits on an aircraft carrier and a heavy cruiser, both of which went to the bottom. 

In addition, he participated in numerous strikes against such targets as Nansei Shoto, Formosa, and the Philippines. His plane destroyed 11 Jap aircraft on the ground and probably destroyed 14 others. 

Lieutenant (junior grade) Fox has been decorated with the Navy Cross and Air Medal. 

During five months of action in the western Pacific, the fighters, dive bombers, and torpedo planes of Air Group 19 exacted a staggering price from the Japanese. 

12 Warships to Bottom
They shot down 167 planes in aerial combat and destroyed many others on the ground, but the blows they struck at enemy surface units were even more destructive. They sent 12 warships to the bottom, and their victims included two aircraft carriers and a heavy cruiser. Sixty-eight merchant ships, with a total displacement of 142,000 tons, also were liquidated. 

Air Group 19 played a major role in the second battle of the Philippine Sea. On October 24, it raided a battleship task force in the Sibuyan Sea; the following day it helped to sink four carriers in an enemy force off Formosa.

Led by Commander Hugh Winters, United States Navy, of Annapolis, Maryland and Society Hill, South Carolina, the pilots and air crewmen of the group won 75 Navy Crosses, 18 Silver Stars, 147 Distinguished Flying Crosses and 100 Air Medals.

Lt. Fox Assigned to Navy Torpedo Station in West
Veteran of Many South Pacific Air Battles
Lieutenant (junior grade) Frank A. Fox, USNR, who has been spending a 30-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Fox, 420 Union Street, left today by car for Seattle, Washington, where he has been assigned for duty for the ensuing year at the torpedo station there. 

Accompanying him in his car were John D. Egan and Ralph B. Duchscher, who plan to visit in Seattle for a time. 

Lieutenant Fox, who has served aboard an Essex class carrier in Admiral Halsey's Third Fleet as a torpedo bomber pilot, has seen a lot of action in the South Pacific fight during 1943 and 1944, has won the Navy Cross; the Air Medal and has been recommended for the Distinguished  Service Cross and a Presidential Citation. 

With little to say about his exploits, it is necessary to look up the official records to learn that Lieutenant Fox took part in the following engagements: the Solomons, New Guinea (Hollandia), Bonin and Volcano Islands, Guam, (Rota), Formosa, first and second battles of  the Philippine Sea, Saipan, Leyte, Cebu, and Luzon. 

He is credited with torpedo hits on a large Japanese carrier (Zuikaku class), a heavy cruiser, and a cargo ship sunk by bombs at Formosa. 

The fighting with the Japs has been tough, he said, and he ascribed the fact that he was back, safe and sound, to luck and Providence.

Awarded Navy Cross for Part in Battle of Philippine Sea
Lt. Fox, Eau Claire, Cited for "Heroism"
According to an official release from the Navy Department, Lieutenant (junior grade) Frank A. Fox, United States Naval Reserve, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Fox, 420 Union Street, this city, has been awarded the Navy Cross for his part in the fleet action in the Philippine Sea on October 25, last, when several major units of the Japanese fleet, including four carriers, were sunk and others damaged.

The two members of this torpedo bomber crew were also cited at the same time. 

Text of Citation
The text of the citation follows:

"In the name of the President [? of Battling in the easternmost der ] First Carrier Task Force, United States Pacific Fleet, presents the Navy Cross to:

"Lieutenant junior grade Frank Alstrup Fox

" United States Naval Reserve for service set worth in the following:

"For distinguishing himself by extraordinary heroism in operations against the enemy, while serving as a pilot of a carrier-based torpedo air craft in the fleet action in the Philippine Sea on 25 October 1944. He skillfully and courageously piloted his aircraft in a torpedo attack on major units of a task force of the enemy fleet, including aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers, and destroyers. During the action, he made a determined attack on an enemy aircraft carrier in the face of intense anti-aircraft fire, scoring a direct hit, which contributed materially to the sinking of the vessel. His skill and courage were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

M. A. MITSCHER, Vice Admiral, USN"

Torpedo-Bomber Pilot
Lieutenant Fox is the pilot of an Avenger torpedo-bomber and has seen a lot of service, having taken part in the attack on Munda, many months ago, in assaults on Formosa and the Pescadores Islands, and in other engagements, capped by his participation in the great Philippine Sea Battle.

More detailed statements of the Philippine Sea Battle and the Pescadores Island attack by Avenger torpedo-bombers in which Lieutenant Fox took part are furnished by the Public Relations Department of the Navy. These follow:

Philippine Sea Battle
"Five direct and two probable torpedo hits on Japanese warships resulted from an attack by seven Avengers, one of several made against the enemy carrier fleet by Torpedo 19 in the second battle of the Philippine Sea on October 24.

"Five of the Avenger torpedo-bombers went after a big Shokaku class carrier, scoring three square, and two probable, hits. Definite hits were credited to Lieutenant James C. West, United States Naval Reserve, 25, 324 Cobun Avenue, Morgantown, WV; Lieutenant (junior grade) Frank A. Fox, United States Naval Reserve, 22, 420 Union Street, Eau Claire, Wisconsin; and Lieutenant (junior grade) Edward C. Myers, Jr., United States Naval Reserve, 23, Cube, Missouri.

"Air crewmen flying with Lieutenant Fox were R. Furtak, Aviation Radio Man Second Class, United States Naval Reserve, 20, Ord, NE; and Jesse J. Richardson, Aviation Ordnance Man Second Class, United States Navy, 19, 942 Orchard Avenue, Winchester, VA.

Formosa Engagement
"More than 20,000 tons of Japanese shipping was sunk or damaged by the bombs and torpedoes of Torpedo 19 alone, during the first day of Vice Marc A. Mitscher's Fast Carrier Task Force assault against Formosa and the Pescadores Islands west of Formosa in the China Sea.

"A large cargo vessel and a medium cargo vessel, which together totaled approximately 12,000 tons, were torpedoed near Aansan Naval Base in the Pescadores during the initial attack on October 11.