Norman H. Fox

Contributed by Norman H. and Phyllis Yvonne (Vonnie) Fox, Eau Claire
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NORMAN H. FOX Chronology
  • Wisconsin National Guard, Spooner
  • Michigan [maneuvers]
  • Enlisted in Army Air Forces
  • Jefferson Barracks, MO [basic training]
  • Scott Field, Illinois 
  • Randolph Field, San Antonio, TX
  • Waco, Texas Army Flying School
  • Pampa, Texas
  • Stoneman, CA [port of embarkation]
  • Australia [landed in Townsville]
  • New Guinea
  • Clark Field, the Philippines
  • Okinawa
  • Fort Riley, KS [point of discharge]
  • Home 1945

National Guard maneuvers in Michigan in 1934
(Norman back row, standing, at far right)

1934 National Guard Maneuvers in Michigan
(Back Row, 6 from right, Norman; 8 from left, Brother Bernard)

Honorable Discharge from 128th Infantry, Wisconsin National Guard on November 18, 1937

Honorable Discharge from 128th Infantry, Wisconsin National Guard on December 9, 1938

Scott Field, Illinois in 1941

On leave, Norman visited his grandmother, Josephine Bease Fox, and his father, Matt Fox, in New Haven, Iowa. The photo was taken on the front porch of the home where Norman was born and lived until 1925.

Graduation from United States Army Air Corps Technical School at Scott Field, IL in September 1941
Corporal Norman H. Fox
In 1941, Norman came home on leave to visit his mother who had a stroke.


Randolph Field, San Antonio, Texas

While at Randolph Field, a friend (in flying jacket), 
who had attended radio school with Norman 
at Scott Field, IL, came to visit.

Thompson Submachine Gun Firing Range

One of Norman's Dog Tags


Merry Christmas from Norman to his twin sisters from Randolph Field, San Antonio, Texas

Certification of 1344 hours of training in radio repair from Army Flying School in Waco, Texas

After graduation from Radio School at Randolph Field in 1941, Norman visited his mother, Martha Mary (Mert) Gilles Fox, in New Haven, Iowa.

Pampa, Texas. Learning to live in a tent while out on bivouac in 1941.

Norman was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant on September 1, 1942

Norman and older brother, Garland, in 1942.

V-mail was a method of sending letters by air from troops overseas to friends and relatives in the States or from one theater of operation to another. Norman received this V-mail from a friend who was in the European Theater of the War.

War Bond Drive. Norman says, "I considered it an honor that the people of my community bought a war bond in my honor."

New Guinea, 1944

Aboard the USS Water House in Hollandia Harbor in 1944, eleven days to make up convoy for Noemfor, a little island off New Guinea.

On the beach in Finchhaven, New Guinea in 1944. Dorrie, a tentmate from Pennsylvania, with the natives.

Clark Field, the Philippines, 1945

Japanese Zero wreckage at Clark Field and Jack Benny's Troupe entertains the GIs 

Pacific Theater of Operations

Writing home from Okinawa in 1945


Good Friends and Tentmates throughout the Pacific Theater Campaign

World War II Japanese Surrender Party (General MacArthur on the right)

Norman says, "I like this photo; it's why I got to come home."

Separation Qualification Record from the Army of the United States

Honorable Discharge from the Army of the United States on October 23, 1945

Norman says, "I was very glad to come home after serving in the Pacific Theater of Operations, Australia, New Guinea, the Philippines, and on Okinawa.

Time for Family Reunions after the War

Mert and Matt Fox's Family at a picnic on Lake Big McKenzie, northwest of  Spooner, Wisconsin in 1948.
Back Row:
Garland's daughter, Karen; Garland, Bill, Mert and Matt, Bernard, Norman. Front Row: Mary, Leone; Lorraine.

Back Row: Bill, Mary, Mert, Wayne, Bernard, Matt. Kneeling:[**data missing**]

Time with Mom and Dad after World War II







50th Wedding Anniversary. Norman's parents celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary in their son Garland's home in Denver, Colorado in 1958.

Norman visits his mother in a Salida, Colorado nursing home in 1976.

The Norman and Vonnie Fox Family
Back Row: David, Martin, Karl, Dennis, Elaine, Belinda. Front Row: Mary, Vonnie, Norman, Patricia, Angela.
(Order of birth: Patricia, Dennis, Elaine, Belinda, David, Marty, Karl, Mary; Angela)