Fred Fritzmeier

Lieutenant Fred Fritzmeier has arrived in Italy, according to word received by his wife, who resides in Osseo.

He was inducted into the Army on October 25, 1941 and served in the Panama Mobile Force at the Panama Canal Zone for 17 months.

He then returned to the States in August 1943 and attended Officers Candidate School at Fort Benning, GA. He received his commission there.

He left for overseas in May and is serving with the Infantry in Italy.

Memorial for Two Soldiers Sunday
A memorial service will be held Sunday, October 1, at the First Congregational Church at 11 o'clock in honor of Lieutenant Richard Rist and Lieutenant Fred Fritzmeier, both recently killed in action.

Richard Rist was raised in Eau Claire and was a graduate of Eau Claire Senior High School before entering the service. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Rist.

Fred Fritzmeier was a resident of Fall Creek and a member of the First Congregational Church here. His father was a former minister in the Congregational Christian Church.

The American Legion will be represented at the service and friends of the families are invited to the service. The subject of the sermon by the Reverend Maurice Haehlen will be We Don't Cry for Heroes.

Following the recognition service, communion will be served in cooperation with all churches on World Communion Sunday.