Richard Gaal

Serve on the Seas or Overseas



Two brothers, sons of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Gaal, 148 Marston Avenue, who received training at the same field and were together for a lengthy period while in the United States, are now overseas, one in Europe and the other in the Marianas. 

Sergeant Donald Gaal, whose medical unit is now attached to an Infantry division somewhere in Europe, enlisted in the Army Reserve, before registering for his freshman year at the Eau Claire State Teachers College in the fall of 1942.

He left for active service April 7, 1943 and received his basic training at Kearns Field, Salt Lake City, Utah. After qualifying for medical training in the Army Specialized Training Program, he was assigned to Oregon State College, Corvallis, OR. When this program was dropped by the Army, he was assigned to a Field Artillery battalion at Camp Roberts, CA. In August 1944, he was transferred to the Army Medical Corps at Camp Butner, NC.

While he was at Camp Butner, his brother, Private Richard Gaal, was receiving his basic training there, after enlisting in the service in March 1944. 

He has now been assigned to a Quartermaster Depot Company and is stationed in the Marianas Islands in the South Pacific.

V-Mail Letter in Pictures Tells of Life in Marianas
Private Richard Gaal, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Gaal, 148 Marston Avenue, sent a V-mail letter home, done in pictures and, with a few words, gave an insight into life in the Marianas, Pacific outpost.

The pictures show "our tent"; "our shower," a barrel with sprinkler; our electricity (a candle); our weather (rain and two suns); our food (canned hash); my money (a one-cent coin); and my dream (discharge paper).

Written by Harold (Diz) Kronenberg

Donald and Richard Gaal's family owned and operated the Gaal Funeral Parlor on Farwell Street in Eau Claire