Selmer Galstad

Private Selmer Galstad of Whitehall has arrived in southern France and told of visiting Marseilles, reports  his wife, who received her first message from him overseas on Thanksgiving day. 

A member of a hospital unit, he wrote that the Allies had moved through that area so fast that they had captured an entire German hospital, personnel, equipment and all, and were making use of everything, including the German doctors, nurses, and cooks. He said that, if presented with a cigarette or a stick of gum, the Germans would do anything for them, and their work is satisfactory.

Food is good, including fresh meats and chicken, and their rations of candy, cigarettes, ink, etc., had come through so that he was well-supplied with what he needed. The weather, however, was cold, rainy and very windy--so windy that they thought their tents, in which they sleep, would be carried away. They have to roll themselves in blankets to keep warm at night.