Duane H. Gardow

A new recruit at the U.S. Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, IL is Duane H. Gardow, 18, Route 2, Eau Claire. Now undergoing “boot” training, he is being indoctrinated into Navy life and is being instructed in seamanship, military drill, and naval procedure.

Duane H. Gardow, Route 2, Eau Claire, was recently graduated after completing a course in basic engineering at Great Lakes Service School. Gardow qualified for the course through an aptitude test score.

Duane Gardow, Seaman Second Class, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gardow, Eau Claire, Route 1, has returned to the Great Lakes Naval Training Station, after spending a 15-day leave with his parents and friends.

Duane Gardow, Fireman Second Class, of Great Lakes, IL spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gardow of Route 2. He was on a 32-hour leave.

Duane Gardow, Fireman First Class, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gardow, Route 2, has arrived in the South Pacific area, according to word received by his parents.

He entered the service on December 26, 1943 and received his training at Great Lakes, IL; Norfolk, VA; San Bruno and Tiburn, CA. At Great Lakes, he graduated from the engineering school. He left for overseas on December 26, 1944.

Gardow graduated from Chippewa Falls High School with the Class of 1944.

Duane Gardow, Fireman First Class, has been promoted to Motor Machinist Mate Third Class. He is on Luzon at the U.S. Naval Base. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gardow, Route 2.