Wayne C. Garman

Wayne C. Garman, son of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Garman, 953 Main Street, has been promoted from Corporal to Sergeant. Sergeant Garman, with a Military Police unit, served through the African and Sicilian Campaigns and was among the first units landing in Italy, where he is now stationed.

Sgt. Wayne Garman Writes of Duties at Front in Italy
In the May 20 issue of Stars and Stripes, the following item appeared about Sergeant Wayne Garman, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Garman, Eau Claire. Sergeant Garman is with the Military Police at Anzio, Italy.

"Sergeant Wayne C. Garman, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, who was operating a traffic control point, while directing fire, which knocked out an enemy battery, said that under an order issued by the division commander, all MPs in his outfit were now equipped with compasses to help locate enemy guns.

"Traffic is so light at the front in daytime that we spend a lot of our time working on the Kraut guns. And I don't remember that they gave us much training for that sort of thing back in the States," he added.

Cletus Langille Tells of Postal Service in Italy

Private Cletus Langille is now stationed in Italy, where he is a clerk in the Regimental Post Office.

In a letter received from him, he tells that the big difference between civilian postal work and the Army is that “over here, you work all hours and, many times, a big shipment comes in around midnight and you have to put it out.”

He says that they don’t mind the long hours, considering that the fellows up front are depending on them and that living conditions of those in postal work are better than what men have to undergo at the front lines.  He says, “Therefore, we are glad to do all we can to make the mail service fast and efficient.”

He tells of having been up front with a reconnaissance outfit throughout the African, Sicilian, and part of the Italian Campaign, "so I've found out that a job in the Rear Echelon is really next to heaven."

He has met several Eau Claire friends:  Don Johnson, Casper Cobb, “Turp” Schafer, Wayne Garman, and John Ludwikoski during the time he has been overseas.

Eau Claire MP Brings Civilians from Front Lines
Wayne Garman Busy at Anzio Beachhead
WITH THE FIFTH ARMY, Italy —Sergeant Wayne C. Garman, of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is one of  a handful of Third Infantry Division Military Police evacuating civilians from the frontline on the Allied Fifth Army Anzio-Nettuno beachhead in Italy.

Most civilians leave the front without coaxing, but there are a great many who remain in hiding in their homes or elsewhere, too frightened to go out or reluctant to leave their possessions.

Garman, sometimes creeping and crawling through heavy enemy shell fire, reaches these people and leads them back to his jeep, parked as close to the front as he can get it. He takes them to headquarters of the Allied Military Government Representative with the Third Division.

There, the evacuees are housed until it is possible to move them from the beachhead.

They are treated for minor injuries at an aid station. The more serious cases are sped away to an evacuation, or base, hospital.

"It isn't the same as handling soldiers," Garman said. "Once we brought in a woman who had been wounded two days before and left without food, water, or medical care in the meantime. She was in critical condition when we got to her.

"We brought in a mother and six-day-old child one day and a one-day-old child and her mother that night."

Garman's home is at 953 Main Street, Eau Claire.

Written by Harold (Diz) Kronenberg

Wayne was a sergeant on the Eau Claire Police Force until his retirement.