Jack C. Garnett

Private Jack C. Garnett, son of Mrs. E. M. Garnett, arrived in England recently, according to word received by his wife who resides at Eleva.

He entered the service July 1941 and received his basic training at Camp Grant, IL. Before going overseas, he was stationed at Camp Grant, IL; Ashford General Hospital, White Sulphur Springs, WV; Camp Wheeler, GA; North Camp Hood, TX; and Camp Maxey, TX.

Corporal Jack C. Garnett has been awarded the Bronze Star for heroic action and meritorious service in France. He is a member of the famed Fourth Armored Division, which spearheaded the Third Army advance across France. He is the son of Mrs. E. M .Garnett of Eau Claire. His wife and daughter reside at Route 3 , Eleva.

Cpl. Jack Garnett Gets Bronze Star
WITH THE FOURTH ARMORED DIVISION IN FRANCEó Corporal Jack C. Garnett, 29, of Eau Claire, and Pfc. Boyd K. Danzeisen, 28, of Herman, Minnesota, medical aid men attached to a Tank Destroyer Battalion, have been cited for meritorious achievement in actual combat and awarded the Bronze Star by Major General John S. Wood, commanding the Fourth Armored Division. 

The citation follows: "Jack C. Garnett and Boyd K. Danzeisen for heroic service in actual combat. On September 21, 1944, near Ley, France, the First Platoon of 'C' Company, 704th Tank Destroyer Battalion, was subjected to a heavy shelling by 120mm mortars. Garnett and Danzeisen, who were in slit trenches 400 yards behind the platoon and out of the area under fire, seeing that casualties had occurred, left the shelter of their trenches and proceeded into the midst of the mortar fire to render first aid. By the time the shelling was over, they had rendered first aid to three wounded men and had prepared them for evacuation. The courage of these two enlisted men and their disregard for their own safety is deserving of the highest praise." 

Garnett, a school teacher in civilian life, was inducted into the Army on July 8, 1941. He is married, and his wife, Mrs. Esther H. Garnett, resides in Eau Claire.

Both men have been overseas almost a year with the Fourth Armored Division.

Medical Corpsman Given Bronze Star
T/5 Jack C. Garnett, medical department, has received the Bronze Star in Germany.

He is with a Tank Destroyer Battalion. The award was made "for heroic achievement in connection with military operations against an enemy of the United States in Germany from 26 January 1945 to 21 January 1945.

"Learning that an assault Infantry company was sustaining heavier casualties than his own unit and was in dire need of medical aid men, Technician Garnett and a companion volunteered to assist in evacuating their wounded.

"Working throughout the night, under  incessant enemy small arms and artillery fire, they made repeated trips to a distant aid station, evacuating approximately 30 wounded men. Technician Garnett's conspicuous heroism, disregard for personal safety, and loyal devotion to duty in battle exemplify the highest traditions of the military service."

He entered the service from Eleva.