David Garton

Sergeant Robert Garton, son of Irene and David Garton, Sr., both of Eau Claire, has arrived in England, where he is Chief Engineer and Gunner on a B-17. 

Before going overseas, he received his training at Jefferson Barracks, MO; Mt. Rainer, WA; Pyote Air Base, TX;  Salt Lake City, UT; Kessler Field, MS; Amarillo, TX; Kingsman, AZ;  Tampa, FL; Gulfport, MS; Savannah, GA. He was recently awarded the Air Medal. 

His wife, Liliann, resides in Belle, MO. Sergeant Garton was graduated from Elk Mound High School in 1942 and entered the Army in January 1943. 

His brother, Sergeant David Garton, is now in Germany with the Third Army with a tank division. He was wounded while fighting in France last August and was hospitalized to England. He received the Purple Heart. He was returned to his unit following recovery. 

While in the United States, he received training at Camp Polk, LA; Camp Rice, CA; Camp Pickett, VA; and Indiantown Gap, PA. He has been overseas for about 18 months.