Floyd E. Garton

Freight Dispatch Company Has Been in Italy 31 Months
PENINSULAR BASE HEADQUARTERS, Italy--Captain Floyd E. Garton of 1630 Main Street, Eau Claire, WI is a member of the 6697th Freight Dispatch Company of this base, which recently celebrated its first month overseas.

Captain Garton is the husband of Mrs. Beulah I. Garton of the Main Street address and the father of a son, Donald F. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert E. Garton of 224 Mappa Street, Eau Claire.

Before entering military service, he was a projectionist and sound technician with the Minnesota Amusement Company in Eau Claire. He entered the Army as a Private in Company B, Wisconsin National Guard at Eau Claire and was commissioned in the Infantry in the Sixth Corps and, for a time, was Commanding Officer of Company B.

He has been overseas since August 6, 1942 in Ireland, Scotland, England, Africa, and Italy. He was in charge of all cargo trucks at Port of Oran, during the North African Campaign, and now directs convoy movements to and from Fifth Army territory for the Peninsular Base Section.